Lucette Grace – Raleigh

I’ve learned a couple things these last few weeks. One of them being, there is a coffee shop for everything. Lucette Grace is a perfect example of that. A couple weeks ago me and my friend Morgan ventured over to the cute little shop. I hadn’t been before and kept hearing great things about this place.




Even their sign is beautiful, but their pastries still take the cake. Get it? See what I did there? 🙂
Down below is the peach tart pastry I got. I loved it!


lucettegrace_2 lucettegrace_3 lucettegrace_4


They make contemporary patisserie in the heart of downtown Raleigh. Their motto,  “a starting point for your day, an escape in the middle, and a reward at the end”, perfectly suites their craft. Our coffee date was a perfect escape from the busy city during the weekend. Love a good coffee date with great company!

But seriously, if pastries are your jam (and they actually probably do make some with jam if that’s your jam too),  you need to check these guys out. Really decadent and flavorful pastries to pair with your coffee. And it seems they are constantly turning them over, so you get something new and fresh every time!


lucettegrace_7lucettegrace_8 lucettegrace_9 lucettegrace_10

Can’t wait for my next visit! Next time, I’m thinking I’ll get something chocolaty!


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