Consider this a formal introduction



So, as you may have already gathered by reading some of my posts, I like food, a lot. And although my recent posts have been centered around it, theres’s so much more that I’m passionate about. And even though I’m little ( I’m 5’1), I assure you my passion is not compromised.

I’m a Communication major at North Carolina State University. And maybe its because I’m a Communication major, or maybe it’s because I’m a libra, but I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I also love learning from people, whether it be fun facts they know, their culture or anything in between. Nonetheless, I love inspiring people too. If one of the things that I accomplish in my lifetime is making people aware of the importance of health and being a positive influence in their life, I would die a happy lady.

I am not so much advocating towards a specific kind of lifestyle, whether its a raw or vegan one, but I am trying to shine light on what food is and can be. It doesn’t have to be a crutch and it can be so much fun to explore. There are so many different types of foods, even cultures that influence them. And of course as you may have noticed I think food is beautiful. That’s where my love for photography comes in.

Photography is one of my other loves. It’s something I have been able to enjoy as a hobby. One of the reasons why I love it so much is because it gives you the ability to “look through someone else’s lens.” With that being said, I hope I can capture my perspective of food through my pictures for you to enjoy.

By now I hope you’ve been wondering what makes me so enthusiastic about heathy foods, as you should be. I didn’t always feel so passionate about it until I was being submerged in one of the unhealthiest work environments 25 hours a week. During my college years, I’ve had to pay my way through my living expenses and have had to work at one of the unhealthiest restaurants in the world. Although I shouldn’t say where because I am still currently employed by them, I’ll just say they serve bottomless fries.

In a way working here has been a blessing, because I see that there is still a need for people to be a voice and advocate towards living a healthier lifestyle. This is hard because although I want to be that voice while I’m at work, It could potentially get me fired. Imagine your server telling you, after you’ve had 4 fry refills, that you you’ve had one too many. I have to smile and nod when people ask for their second fry refill, their fourth half-coke half-diet coke, a side of mayo to dip their fries in or an extra container of dressing for their “healthy salad.”

At the end of the day, its ironic, these people that come in support me financially. Without them I wouldn’t be able to support myself through school, but nonetheless I still want to inspire them to live a healthier life. I want to inspire people like the son and mother that come in every other day and the man who has come in every single day for the past four weeks. Although those people that come in won’t necessarily see this, there is still a chance that they will. And that gives me hope. Maybe they’ll think twice about what to eat the rest of the week.


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