Welcome! I’m Jenn. I’m a recent graduate from North Carolina State University who is obsessed with food, coffee, adventure, and in love with the philosophy that no kindness is ever wasted. The Savory Collection has been inspired by my desire of wanting to live a more balanced life through clean eating and fitness.

I want you to know that cooking a healthy meal doesn’t have to be a boring task, rather a creative experiment. It’s all about perspective.

I hope you’ll find useful information here relating to those things and feel encouraged & inspired to add them in your daily life

With love, always. xo


Fun facts:

1. I don’t drink soda

2. If I could be anything, I would me a mermaid or a professional surfer.

3. I have a girl crush on Ellen DeGeneres.

4. This girl can appreciate a good beer.

5. I like to be resourceful and learn new skills. (Instead of paying someone $400 for a website, I taught myself how to make one in less than two weeks)

6. I have photographed three weddings

7. I like to paint

8. My parents are from Colombia, South America. (Have I been? Yes! It’s absolutely beautiful and full of life)


Th best way to get in touch withe me is by commenting on my posts throughout the blog. You can always count on me to get back to you! You can also get in touch me me through my contact page, as well as sending me an email at: savorycollection@gmail.com

I’d love to hear from you, so don’t be shy. Lets chat!