Chase Happiness!

Today I am excited about everything, and almost ANYTHING, but that wasn’t the case four weeks ago. When your career isn’t focused around what you love, it’s hard to be  100% excited about your day, everyday.  I was frustrated and I wanted to start living the life I had imagined for myself. So I did something about it.   I took a risk & put… View Post

Spinach Avocado Pasta ( a lazy light lunch)

This is the epitome of a lazy light lunch. Ok, I know what your thinking, “that does not look like something I’d want to eat”, but I promise that if you like avocado and don’t mind adding spinach to your smoothies, this is going to be a nice treat. Its so light that you might want to add a smoothie to your lunch plans.

Saying Bye to 23

23, You’ve been nice to me, but I’m glad to see you go. Maybe it’s because I stumbled upon the infamous buzzfeed article labeled “No one like you when your 23”, or simply because its been a transition into adulthood. I don’t mean that in the sense that I didn’t want to transition into “becoming”, or feeling like an adult, but I mean that in the sense that for the first time… View Post

Flax seeds vs. Chai seeds

Hey guys! I Hope everyone is having a great weekend. First off, I wanted to start out by saying that if you haven’t heard of these two powerful seeds, I’m glad you’re here. Also, if you have heard of them and have been led to believe that they have the same nutritional value, you’ve come to the right place. I am no doctor, nor claim… View Post

What I keep in my fridge

I’m so excited about this post because its’s the kind of post that can really motivate people to eat healthier. At least when I see some of the things that some of my friends eat, (or people I follow on social media) I am more likely to want to try them out.