Two Week Road Trip (Part I ) – Oregon & Idaho

I never thought I would be preparing myself for a road trip like this. It’s one of those things you talk and talk about, but you can’t even imagine yourself getting on the plane the day of your trip. I want to start this off by mentioning that we had previously endured a road trip together, so we were pretty confident we could do it again!… View Post

Whiskey Kitchen Review

If you live in Raleigh, or have visited, I am sure you have heard or seen of this place. It’s kind of hard to miss. Located right in the heart of downtown with a beautiful outside seating area, this place makes for a great brunch spot. The outside seating area has an incredible ambiance on a nice day. Not to mention, it’s pet friendly, which makes any… View Post

Everything Asheville

The amazing city of Asheville has so much to offer, form things like amazing weather in the fall to exquisite restaurants and breweries (but you already knew that). What you might not already know, are all of the local favorites. Most of our time spent here last month was spent exploring the many recommendations from various friends. And of course there were too many recommendations for… View Post

Tips for Visting the Biltmore Estate

Whenever your hear the words, Asheville, you certainly think about this beautiful attraction. I always wondered if my first trip visiting this extravagant home would live up to my expectations. To be honest, I didn’t think this would be one of my favorite parts of our recent weekend stay. Its one of those things that you feel like you have to cross of your list, but you’re… View Post

Living Kitchen

Showing some love to the new kid on the block. Living Kitchen is one of my newest favorites (even though they’ve been around for a little over two months). They originated from Charlotte, and we’ve been lucky enough to get a Living Kitchen of our own. Not only is this restaurant beautiful, their food and drinks are even more so. Most healthy restaurants don’t have an… View Post