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Summer is in full swing and if you haven’t been to Wilmington yet, here is a great excuse to go this Summer. Especially if you have yet to enjoy this local staple.

Yes, the waves and sun are probably what you’re after, but what you doesn’t recognize is that you are going to want a good meal before you hit the beach all day. And if you’re like me, maybe even before AND after. If you are making it a day trip, I would definitely make two trips to this beautiful spot before you go.

The reason I think you should go twice is because they have great coffee, but on top of that they have incredible food choices and you are going to hate yourself if you can’t get more than one. The problem – they are filling, which is why making two stops is the best choice you can make. Between their avo toast, banana bread, grit bowl, or acai bowl, good luck making your choice! Can you believe those are only my favorites? There are 11 other items on the menu.

Pro tip: Get the avo toast and acai bowl if you like these foods

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Drift Coffee Wilmington


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