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The Eddy Pub is a special place. The concept for the Eddy Pub was created behind the owner’s desire of creating a center hub for the surrounding community. Because they were pretty adamant about creating an inviting ambience, they strategically placed a low bar top, use small tables, and have yet to install any TV’s. They want this to be a place where locals can come hang out and feel at home, but also meet those who are new to the community or even visiting.

In all my years of going to Pubs/Bars ( ok not many since I’m only 24, but still), this was my first time going to a Pub without TV’s. They are so committed. But don’t let that fool you. They have stayed up to date with their latest events.

– Every Tuesday night they have 1/2 priced bottles of wine accompanied with Mahalo Jazz

– Trivia is held on the first Wednesday of every month

– Dollar of Drafts on Thursdays

– Beer/ Wine dinners once a month ( I’ll talk more about this in a bit)

– Community dinners

– Saturday and Sunday Brunch

– Open Mic Night

So as you can see they have a lot going on, but lets not forget about their amazing food. Since after all they cook a mean burger. Specifically, they make the best burger I have EVER had. I am not exaggerating when I say that. Go try it out for yourself! And if you live in a busy city like Raleigh or Durham, you’re not going to want to leave (you’ve been warned). There is something about the ambience and small town feel that is so inviting and seems to slow time down. I had never experienced this in a restaurant before, and I imagine it would be hard to recreate.

Oh and how could I forget to mention their farm to table practices. Pretty much everything in their kitchen is house made and made out of local ingredients, with the exception of salt, olive oil and mussels. They usually have one of their local farmers come in for some food on any night , and it has to be a great feeling.



So like I mentioned, I think very highly of their Burger. It is made with – a house brioche bun, NC Mango chutney, house mayo, lettuce, NC hoop cheddar, Lusty Monk mustard and a side of fries.


My second favorite dish I tried was their fish and chips. OH GOODNESS. So fresh and tender.
And guess what. You guessed it. Its local!

NC catfish, guacamole, yucatan slaw, diced tomato, chipotle mayonnaise, and cilantro.


And of course a staple in every pub, Cheese Fries. Although they might seem like any regular cheese fries, they are actually Pimento Cheese Fries. And yes, made with local cheese. They’re so good and you can feel good eating them since your consequentially supporting your community. WIN WIN.


We also tried their Meatloaf appetizer – Cane Creek pork, Braeburn beef, ricotta cheese, celery leaf and pickled onion salad as well as their Grilled Firsthand Foods Pork Chop with hop shoot chimichurri, kale, and smashed potatoes. You really can’t go wrong with any of these. All of these dishes tasted fresh and just that much better than what you can get at a chain restaurant because of their farm to table practices.

Last but not least (certainly not least). I wanted to mention their Beer Dinner. This is something so special that anyone can be a part of, if you act soon. They host a Beer Dinner once a month, but seats are booked up quick. These dinners will run you about $55 a seat. This might seem a little steep, but once you learn what you’re getting, you realize it is actually quite a bargain. Keep in mind that you’re not just getting food and beer. You’re also getting an experience to remember.


– It is a 5 course food and beer pairing. Menu and pairings are being creatively chosen, sourced, and concocted as you read this-

It was a huge pleasure to have partaken in on such a special event and get to experience it first hand.

This dinner is hosted in a private room in their restaurant. They use long style tables to maintain that community feel. As they mention when you first sit down, you might not know the person next to you as you get there, but hopefully you’ll know who they are once you leave.


Whats even more intimate about the evening is that you’ll get to meet the Chefs and Brewers themselves (and they are all pretty awesome if I do say so myself).


And the food and beer. WOW. I want to reiterate that you are getting a great deal.

theeddypubsessionbeerShrimp ceviche

For now, I won’t say much about what was on the menu that night ( I want to leave a little to the imagination, sorry if its torture). All you need to know about the dinner was that I felt lucky to be a part of it. I can’t imagine what will be on their next beer dinner menu. All I know is this won’t be my last one.

The Eddy, thank you infinitely for having me and the rest of the 3 Hungry Guys team there that night. An experience I won’t forget.


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