Tex Mex Bowl



If you like healthy and you like mexican food, this could be a nice treat for you!

It’s not too often that you can indulge in some of your favorite foods more than 3 times a week, at least without feeling extremely guilty. And because of this I wanted to share with you a great and easy recipe that you could enjoy without those terrible feelings of guilt.

I actually got this recipe from my best friend’s Mom. On one of my visits to their home in chapel hill, we started talking about recipes and meal prepping. She’s a health nut, so I was all ears when she was giving me some ideas. She told me about one of her recent meals she had been prepping, and I had to try it. To no surprise, I loved it. I liked it so much that I have been eating at least 3 times a week, every week ever since. The only things I added were some avocado and tofu for extra protein. But every girl knows, there’s no such thing as too much avocado.

Ingredients: Beans, Brown rice, salsa, avocado, tofu.



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