The Boot – an Italian Restaurant (Durham)

Let me start off with a question. Do you like Italian cuisine? You most likely answered yes. Lets face it, you probably love pizza and pastas. If you don’t, you are one in a million and I’m not sure we can be friends. Only kidding! But I really do love those two things, thus Italian food is one of my favorite cuisine.

Another favorite thing of mine is finding whole in the wall kind restaurants, and boy did we hit the jack pot with this one. Me and the 3 Hungry Guys team were invited to The Boot in Durham, NC – across from The Pit. Its in an older shopping center, so you would never think that it would be this amazing place inside. You also wouldn’t think that it is as big as it is when you drive by. It is a beautiful restaurant!

OK, so we first got to try their homemade tortellini. AMAZING.





Next up is their homemade pizza. I’m not sure if its the fresh ingredients or their precision with cook time, but one of these really takes this pizza over the top. Pair it with a red wine from their selection and you have yourself a great night!



pizza_1 pizza pizza_


But wait, it gets better. Up next is their seafood stew. They don’t just stop at the more traditional Italian foods, they make sure they include the most authentic ones as well. This was my ultimate favorite. It includes: tuna, nc shrimp, mussels, calamari and a saffron risotto cake. This dish was probably my favorite because it was so flavorful and filling. You really get your money’s worth with everything you get in this one dish.

And as a side note: the chef here is so amazing/talented/experienced at what he does, he actually got to cook for the president over the summer. How cool is that?!



seafood stew
seafood stew_stew__edited-1
Although I love treats, and dessert, its usually not my favorite course. So yes I loved the seafood stew. How could you not? Even the pictures make me drool, but I actually happened to love their tiramisi more. I’m usually pretty frugal about what I’m eating when we shoot, because we’re usually trying out at least 3-4 dishes. However, there was no stopping me with this one. I ate the whole thing besides two bites, one from Mike and Amber each.



dessert_ dessert

And although I didn’t get some good pictures, I can definitely attest that their cocktails and appetizers are just as good. Becca, the manager and bartender makes some wonderful drinks! She even made a margarita that I really enjoyed. This is saying a lot because I usually can’t stand tequila, just ask my friends.

For appetizers, I recommend the arugala salad, especially for the summer time! Light, refreshing but still full of flavor.


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