Matcha Limeade

matchalimeadeConsider this an all-natural energy drink! It’s no doubt that having a healthy balanced diet is an easy solution for more energy, but there is probably no stopping you if you drink one of these throughout the day. If you’re anything like me, you work out, eat healthy, but still find yourself fighting off a nap. This home made remedy is basically the cure. And let me just reiterate that it is all-natural.

I have fallen in love with the superfood Matcha, but more specifically this drink. I love sour things like lemons and limes and this drink allows me to incorporate those flavors for a perfect summer drink!


  • 20 oz of water and ice cubes
  • 1/2 tea spoon of matcha powder ( this is what I use, I buy it from whole foods )
  • Sweetener – I use agave because its all-natural ( I use the 365 version from whole foods )
  • Fresh lime juice from half a lime!
  • Stir until you see no clumps of tea!


How easy is that? Let me know if you try this drink this summer!


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  1. Samantha June 1, 2015 / 2:30 pm

    I am DEFINITELY going to try this! Always striving for a healthy, balanced body & mind yet always hitting the wall midday. Thank you! I will have to give you an update on how I feel after (:

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