Saying Bye to 23

23, You’ve been nice to me, but I’m glad to see you go. Maybe it’s because I stumbled upon the infamous buzzfeed article labeled “No one like you when your 23”, or simply because its been a transition into adulthood. I don’t mean that in the sense that I didn’t want to transition into “becoming”, or feeling like an adult, but I mean that in the sense that for the first time in a long time I feel like myself again and I’m so excited to be turning 24 in two weeks. Last year was spent in agony of having braces at an odd age, joining the work from 8 to 5 club and struggling with finding the time to go to the gym.

That brings me to my next point. The whole reason that I started this blog was to fill peoples feeds, minds with something motivating and up-lifting.  I think I stopped posting because I felt like I couldn’t motivate myself any longer. I started eating out more, and although most of that eating out was at a whole foods hot bar, I found it hard to find the time to get organized. I didn’t find myself cooking as much, and before last week I hadn’t gone to the gym in over 2 months.

Getting use to an 8-5 is pretty hard. No one really warns you about it because its such a usual thing for someone to transition to, but no one tells you about the decrease in energy, and how hard it will be the first two weeks. I just started an 8 to 5 as a recruiter at an IT staffing company. I love it! But it was after starting my first real girl job when I realized how ridiculous expectations are. I was a lot harder on people I would see out, that didn’t look active, e that I could tell didn’t take care of themselves with the right kind of nutrients. People I didn’t even know. This job opened my eyes to a whole new world of discipline. Theres only so many hours in a day, and when you try to sleep for 8 of them and getting ready for work, getting there and back, and work itself consumes 10 hours of your day, it is not hard to make excuses. Its hard to find a reason. Its as hard to find energy as it is hard to find the desire…

And thats why I am excited about 24. I plan on using this next transition to really show myself that an 8-5 does NOT dictate my life. That I’m more than what I do, and that with any kind of determination I can accomplish anything. In two short weeks I am celebrating my birthday by purchasing a work out plan from Kayla Itsines’ much raved about guides. After a year of watching other girls go through remarkable transformations, using her guides, I decided I want to be one of those girls. Its going to be really hard, but so was starting an 8-5 and loosing my desire to be the best me I can be, so this should be a piece of cake, right?

“Just because you aren’t where they are…
Doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes


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