Tips for Visting the Biltmore Estate

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Whenever your hear the words, Asheville, you certainly think about this beautiful attraction.

I always wondered if my first trip visiting this extravagant home would live up to my expectations. To be honest, I didn’t think this would be one of my favorite parts of our recent weekend stay. Its one of those things that you feel like you have to cross of your list, but you’re also hesitant to spend the money on.

If this sounds like you, then I hope to convince you that visiting the state is a great decision. And after your read these tips to a smooth visit, I hope you’ll be saying, “what am I waiting for?”

I really am so glad we went. I won’t be able to forget such a beautiful day at the Biltmore 1. I can’t believe it took me us both so long to make the visit. 2. We both agreed that we would have paid double for what we got.

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What’s funny about our visit is that we accidentally chose the best weekend to make our trip to Asheville, NC, thus resulting in a great day to visit the Biltmore Estate.

Buying tickets:

Buying tickets the day of our trip was really easy. We got there around 2:30. I would say don’t get there any later, there was a line of at least 20 people behind us as soon as we got there. The lady helping us was really nice. She let us know that if we waited until after 4 p.m. to scan our tickets at the gate, that we could come back and use them the following day (they sort of act like two day passes).

Estate Activities:

What I found after our trip is that you can save $15 per ticket if you by them a week in advance. And if you buy them even the day before, you’ll save your self $10 on each. This will come in handy if you’re interested in participating in some fun Estate activities like horse back riding through their trails, or going on a vineyard tour. Everything adds up so although $75 for tickets the day of, isn’t too bad, try to save yourself some money, so that money can go elsewhere!


Choosing the perfect weekend in October:

Ever since dating, we have been lucky enough to go to the mountains every year. Our anniversary falls on October 24th, but we thought we had a wedding to go to that weekend ( the boyfriend is bad with dates cough cough). Although our visit might have been a little more “prettier” as the leaves changing hit their peak the following weekend, the weekend of the 15th was just perfect. If you are wanting to go more so for the leaves changing, click here for the perfect website to keep you updated.

Because we picked a weekend before too much was going on, we were really happy with our stay. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. And Asheville, although already starting to get crowded, wasn’t too bad for us to handle.

What to wear:

This tip is for my girls. Especially if you like wearing a cute outfit, and some cute shoes to go with it (as my bf puts it “trying to look fly”). Listen up.  The Biltmore Estate is huge. There’s A LOT of walking involved. You’ll see the cute wedges I wore below, and all I am going to say is that I couldn’t have made it another 20 minutes longer ( crying/laughing emoji face*). I mean the attraction is nearly 180,000 square feet. So many rooms to tour, not to mention you’ll probably want to visit the winery (a complimentary tasting comes with your tickets) and the garden. The tour averages to take about an hour to an hour and a half, so bring some layers as well if you plan to go later in October. The house doesn’t have AC or heating, so they keep fans running during warmer weather, but thats about it. Be prepared to dress as comfy as possible for that day’s forecast.


Although most of the activities that we were interested in were booked up, I highly recommend you take advantage of your trip. Make reservations! This place is so beautiful, and I can’t imagine what it would have been like to go horse back riding on their trails.

I hope you enjoy this post! Please let me know if you you go.

& get ready to read a new post all about Asheville next!

-JENN xo


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