Lucette Grace – Raleigh

I’ve learned a couple things these last few weeks. One of them being, there is a coffee shop for everything. Lucette Grace is a perfect example of that. A couple weeks ago me and my friend Morgan ventured over to the cute little shop. I hadn’t been before and kept hearing great things about this place.     Even their sign is beautiful, but their… View Post

Stewart’s Bistro – Wake Forest

Stewart’s Bistro is one of those places you wish you lived next to. If I could buy a house right next to them, life would be VERY good. Extremely jealous of those that are retired and get to spend most of their mornings there, which is a good bit of folks. Stewart’s Bistro is hands down the best coffee shop I have been into yet, for… View Post

The Boot – an Italian Restaurant (Durham)

Let me start off with a question. Do you like Italian cuisine? You most likely answered yes. Lets face it, you probably love pizza and pastas. If you don’t, you are one in a million and I’m not sure we can be friends. Only kidding! But I really do love those two things, thus Italian food is one of my favorite cuisine. Another favorite thing of… View Post

My favorite Romper (Ft. Ginny Williams Photography)

Happy Tuesday you beautiful people. I am excited about this post because it could change your life.. ok not really, but it could change your mind about rompers. If you’re like most girls, you have a love hate relationship with rompers. I’m not quite sure what it is. It looks great on the rack and then you put it on and it looks like it… View Post

Chase Happiness!

Today I am excited about everything, and almost ANYTHING, but that wasn’t the case four weeks ago. When your career isn’t focused around what you love, it’s hard to be  100% excited about your day, everyday.  I was frustrated and I wanted to start living the life I had imagined for myself. So I did something about it.   I took a risk & put… View Post